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Now is the time to speak together to #SolveSeniorHunger

Millions of Americans work in low-wage jobs, living from paycheck to paycheck, saving little if any money for their retirement. Most low-wage jobs offer little in the way of pensions or 401(K) plans so after a lifetime of hard work, social security checks may be these workers’ only source of income.

We meet many clients at the soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters we serve who are attempting to live—what should be their golden years—on social security checks of $700 a month or less. Due to the tough economic climate, this is now a reality for even more younger seniors as they find themselves unemployed or underemployed.

These realities are especially troublesome knowing that food insecurity – not having access to enough food for an active or healthy life – while it affects people of all ages is particularly detrimental to seniors because of their unique nutritional needs related to aging and/or their medical conditions.

According to
Spotlight on Senior Health: Adverse Health Outcomes of Food Insecure Older Americans,
a study released jointly by Feeding American and the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger, when compared
to food secure seniors, food insecure seniors are:

· 60 percent more likely to experience depression;
· 53 percent more likely to report a heart attack;
· 52 percent more likely to develop asthma; and
· 40 percent more likely to report an experience of congestive heart failure

The Food Bank is committed to working towards a future where all seniors
have access to nutritious food to stay active and healthy through
programs such as our Senior Mobile Food Pantry and community partnerships
with organizations like Meals on Wheels and
AARP. During Older Americans
Month we are reminded that together we can provide hope to seniors in need!

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Jonathan Fuller, Community & Public Relations Manager
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